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This is a resource for Game Masters and Players of the Alderac Entertainment role playing game 7th Sea. It encompasses general information about Theah as well as campaign specific information. Beware of GM secrets, which will be included but labeled.

Notes on Adding Information[edit | edit source]

Please feel free to add information.  It will take a lot of work to make this complete.  Please cite each entry according to the Notes on Citation. There will be three levels of information.  The first is public information that is free and good for normal player perusal.  The second is Intimate information that while not GM secrets, is also not common knowledge.  Example: People may know Villanova is a Merchant Prince, but the details of his life as detailed in the Vodacce Sourcebook would only be reasonably known by those associated with him or perhaps others in Vodacce.  Booked GM secrets are the third level.  Each level should have it's own page, referencing the others.  Example: The "Villanova" page would state that he is a Merchant Prince, his wife, and his political connections with other countries.  It would also have a link to "Villanova (Intimate)" at the top.  That page would detail his courtisan and other player information about his life, and then would have a link to "Villanova (GM Secrets)". 

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Character Creation


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Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Revenge Campaign

Swordsman Campaign

Forgotten Heroes Campaign

Godchild Campaign

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